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What is Virtofy?

Virtofy is a collaborative Virtual Presentation Hub to share and present your data in 3D.

Create Virtofy tours with your own data (3D & CAD) and share them via cloud to mobile, desktop and VR.

Virtofy offers a wide range of use cases: design, construction, engineering, marketing & more.

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Flexible Creating

Create your own Virtofy tours: either with our in-app editor for quick & direct solutions or with our Unity 3D plugin for complex virtual presentations.

Use Your Own Data

Import 29 formats of 3D & CAD data, panoramas, images, videos, audio files and use them right away.

Collaborative Experience

Present and collaborate with multiple users at once, no matter if they are in the same room or on another contintent.

Interactive Worlds

Virtofy tours are highly interactive: Switch your virtual location, change surfaces, play animations and more.

Multi Platform

Enjoy Virtofy wherever you want: in VR, on your laptop, desktop computer or mobile device.


How It Works

1. Install Virtofy on your device (desktop, mobile, VR) and select the data for your Virtofy tour (CAD & 3D, images, audio etc.)
2.Create your Virtofy tour with our in-app editor (desktop) or in Unity 3D with our plugin, store it in the Virtofy Cloud and share it.
3. Present your Virtofy tour to others live via internet or let them experience it by themselves without a guide.



0 €
(no hidden fees)

  • 50 MB storage
  • 2 Virtofy tours
  • 2 user profiles / account
  • Invite up to 1 client per Virtofy tour
  • Share Virtofy tours with up to 2 accounts
  • Virtofy App incl. InApp Editor
  • Unity Editor Plugin
  • See full list

Early Adopter

  • 12GB Storage
  • 30 Virtofy tours
  • 30 user profiles / account
  • Invite up to 7 clients per Virtofy tour
  • Share Virtofy tours with up to 60 accounts
  • includes everything from "FREE"
  • Advanced editing & sharing
  • See full list
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