Present your 3D designs & constructions with Virtofy!

You want to present your 3D design or construction? Virtofy, the collaborative
Virtual Presentation Platform can help.
Create Virtofy tours easily with your own data (3D, CAD, CAE) and share them via cloud to VR, mobile and desktop.
Virtofy is perfect for architects, planners, engineers, designers, marketing experts and everyone in between.


Import your data

Import 29 different formats of 3D, CAD & CAE data and use them in your Virtofy tour.

In-app editor

Create interactive Virtofy tours with hotspots, videos and more. No coding skills required.

Unity plugin

Use our Unity plugin to create Virtofy tours directly inside Unity.

Live online meetings

Present to and collaborate with multiple users at once, no matter where they are located.


VR, laptop, desktop or mobile: your tours are automatically optimized for each device type.


Creating 3D presentations has never been so easy

Turn your 3D designs & constructions into a Virtofy tour: an immersive, realtime 3D presentation. Whether you want to quickly draft design reviews in a few minutes or build complex, individualized experiences to make stakeholders go WOW. Whether you're beginner or pro - we've got you covered.

Immerse your audiences & increase engagement

Present your 3D designs and constructions in truely immersive live meetings. Put clients and customers right in the middle of your work and walk them through it - literally! Help them to understand dimensions and spatial aspects of your work better than ever before.

For everyone, everywhere

It doesn't matter if your customers are tech-savvy VR fans, travelers with only a mobile device, or desktop users. Reach all of them, wherever they are - thanks to our accessible, cross-platform UI and automatic optimization of your content.

Use cases

How it works

1. Import your data (3D, CAD, CAE, audio, images, video) and create your new Virtofy tour.

2. Your tour is stored in the Virtofy cloud, so you can share it with Virtofy users on mobile, desktop or VR.

3. Let customers and clients explore your tour individually or start an online meeting and present your Virtofy tour to them live.

Join the BETA

Virtofy is currently in a closed BETA for selected users. To join, please sign up for the BETA program and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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