Version 0.15.2 (Alpha)

Posted: September 6, 2022


  • General: Fix crash when deleting directory while the user had a file open (#3161)
  • Import: Fix color import issue on some models (#2899)
  • Import: Fix import issue with ifc file (#2898)
  • Import: Fix model importer issue for file (#2783)
  • Import: Check identical mesh creation (#2678)
  • Import: Fix not working LOD generation if too many LOD levels should be used (#2578)
  • Import: CadEx: IFC file crash (#2235)
  • Import: Importing does not work properly (materials are mixed) (#1548)
  • Import: CadEx material issues with fbx file (#1071)
  • Import: FBX color problem (#1045)
  • In App Editor: Fix crash on pov selection after scene view type changes (#3120)
  • In App Editor: Fix not loading preset images (#3119)
  • In App Editor: Fix not restored working copy files when closing the editor (#3092)
  • In App Editor: Fix missing shadow setup in in app editor for custom fixed size view type (#3081)
  • UI: Fix wrongly disabled editor button in tour detail screen (#3073)


  • Import: Create LOD models only for objects which have a certain size ratio compared to the complete model (#3094)
  • Import: Add glb and gltf2 support (#1291)
  • In App Editor: Extend in app editor plan value handling (#3069)
  • UI: Restore last selection of view types in tour creation wizard in scene view type selection page (#3159)


  • General: Update NGSS to (#3149)
  • General: Update to unity 2020.3.38f1 (#3146)
  • General: Change speed in miniature size view when using the mouse wheel for zooming (#3113)
  • General: Change naming: Model to 3D Model (#2835)
  • General: Enable on demand rendering for screen devices (#2399)
  • General: Use settings file for player prefs storage (#2240)
  • General, Import, Windows installer: Include required vc-redist files (#2471)
  • General, Windows installer: Change directory structure for installation (#2991)
  • Import: Update rotation for various file formats (#3147)
  • Import: Change material names for better sorting (#2674)
  • Import: Increase LOD quality (#2604)
  • In App Editor: Change tour creation wizard workflow (#3116)
  • In App Editor: Change scale evaluation for miniature view (#3080)
  • In App Editor, UI: Change info text for poa creation tip depending on scene view type (#3165)
  • In App Editor, UI: Editor tab is now always visible in the app settings dialog if the platform supports it (#3153)
  • Launcher: Update launcher to use new directory structure (#3168)
  • UI: Update some icons (#3160)
  • UI: Change some texts (#3157)
  • UI: Set character limit for title edit in wizard and tour settings (#3152)