Version 0.16.1 (BETA)

Posted: Thursday, Nov 17, 2022


  • Android: Fix freeze while loading a 3d model file (#3370)
  • Android, Quest: Fix an issue where the app data was not saved when closing the app (#3371)
  • General: Fix tour settings loading issues (#3378)
  • General: Fix an issue where the avatar image is blank when using initials (#3374)
  • General, Windows: Fix wrong screenshot format on desktop (change from jpeg to jpg) (#3377)
  • In App Editor, UI: Fix layout issues (#3380)
  • UI: Fix an issue with an invalid warning message if a tour exceeds the max size (#3383)
  • UI: Fix crash in detail tour screen if tour size exceeds the max plan size (#3382)
  • UI: Fix typos in the wizard dialog (#3361)


  • General: Add viewer app descriptions (#3367)
  • General: Add double click or tap for move here on screen devices (#2752)
  • General, Import: Update app icons (#3235)
  • UI: Show info message if there is no survey available for the current user (#3373)
  • UI: Add hint in the error dialog that the email address used for signup must be used for beta account registration (#3331)


  • Android: Invert movement direction for the pinch zoom gesture (#3179)
  • General: Improve error handling for video media player (#3376)
  • General: Update localization for scene env presets (#3364)
  • General: Update to unity 2020.3.41f1 (#3351)
  • General: Update urls (#3348)
  • General: Finalize localization texts (#3142)
  • General: Update workflow for tour ownership transfer (#3123)
  • General: Disable some log information (#2739)
  • In App Editor, UI: Use full body height value for POV scale data display (#3379)
  • In App Editor, UI: Suggestions for pov dialog (#3368)
  • UI: Update terms and conditions clickable text (#3384)
  • UI: Disable welcome to trial plan message dialog (#3375)
  • UI: Improve project wizard dialog layout (#3360)
  • UI: Update expander layout (#3359)
  • UI: Use different logos for alpha and beta versions (#3354)
  • UI: Improve how to send feedback dialog (#3347)
  • UI: Update some texts (#3302)
  • UI: Change some texts (#3096)
  • UI: Update survey questions and layout (#1991)