Version 0.7.0.a.7 (Alpha)

Posted: Thursday, Jan 21, 2021


  • Android, General: Fixed an issue where the movement keyboard does not register touch events (#1039)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue for wrong internal file name formatting in editor (#1500)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue where the main toolbar stays read-only, if the selected model could not be imported in the editor (#1497)
  • Editor: Fixed poa type selection window, where selection marks were displayed if the dialog was called multiple times (#1470)
  • General: Fixed crash when unloading the highlight controller if it was not used (#1494)
  • General: Fixed wrong event order in VR InputModule when clicking on a button (#1492)
  • General: Fixed crash when unloading the highlight controller if it was not used (#1475)
  • General: Fixed camera rotation with cursor keys in poa mode, while it is not allowed to move or rotate (#1467)
  • General: Fixed poa background rendering (#1465)
  • UI: Fixed flickering UI menu when using the context menu under some circumstances (#1509)
  • UI: Fixed some UI layout issues (#1493)
  • UI: Fixed wrong padding in editor rename dialog under some circumstances (#1471)
  • UI, VR: Fixed VR menu will be not set to correct position when the player teleports (#1468)


  • Editor: Improved error handling and message info if a file could not be imported in editor (#1501)
  • Editor: Added option to upload a model source file, if the files seems damaged in the editor (#1499)
  • General, Windows: Added mouse sensitivity option for standalone input rotation (#1513)
  • General, Windows: Added invert mouse for standalone input rotation (#1502)
  • Internal: Added logging.temp to settings file, which print info for allocating temp objects (debugging purpose only) (#1484)
  • Internal: Added referenced object names to TextureLoaderObserver (#1483)
  • Internal: Added observeTextureLoaderIfUnityEditor option to settings file, which enabled texture loading observation if in unity editor (#1482)
  • UI: Merge actions and povs dialog (#1384)
  • UI: Added Scene Group header in POV list (#801)
  • UI, VR: Added pin and unpin function to VR tour UI (#1472)
  • UI, Windows: Added input panel for mouse options to settings area (#1514)
  • VR: Added controller vibration if over menu button (#1301)


  • General: Updated NGSS to version 2.3.6 (#1516)
  • General: Removed some log messages (#1490)
  • Internal: Removed old UI controls for poa material configuration (#1508)
  • Internal: VirtofyBuildInfo does now show the current time and an increased build number when running in the unity editor (#1488)
  • Internal: Cleanup (#1481)
  • Internal: Refactored temp object management (easy to extend the object pooling now) (#1479)
  • Internal: Update to unity 2019.4.18f1 (#1478)
  • Internal, UI: Removed POV and POA data from UITourScreen and use TourController instead (uses less memory) (#1487)
  • Internal, UI: Refactor UISceneBillboardObjectBase to use local player rig, instead of singleton (#1486)
  • Internal, UI: Refactored UIItemTilesRow creation and improved handling of poa data items to be more robust (#1480)
  • UI: POAs are no longer visible in the tour if a POA is active (#1511)
  • UI: Removed controls for smooth VR UI rotation from device settings (the user can use the pin button in VR now) (#1491)
  • UI: Updated some tooltip hooks (#1489)
  • UI: Changed various icons (#1485)
  • UI: Updated UI dialog for poa material variation/set selection (#797)