Version 0.7.2.a.2 (Alpha)

Posted: Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021


  • Android, General: Fixed voice communication problems with bluetooth devices (#1739)
  • General: Fixed math rotation issue, which can spam the log file (#1753)
  • General: Fixed voice error message on app startup (#1734)
  • Network: Fixed authentication problem which prevents from hosting or joining the meeting (#1750)
  • UI: Fixed an issue where the selected microphone was not refreshed in the device settings panel (#1755)


  • General: Added unity microphone type (default now) (#1752)
  • General: Added mute functionality for microphone (#1751)
  • General: Added additional voice setup options in settings area (#1738)


  • General: Improved microphone handling and quality (#1754)
  • General: Improve voice enable/disable speed (#1729)
  • General, Network: Update to newest network component version (#1748)