Version 0.7.3.a.1 (Alpha)

Posted: Thursday, Mar 25, 2021


  • General: Fixed a crash during tour listening under some circumstances (#1766)
  • General: Fixed none visible microphone debug panel in settings area under some circumstances (#1759)
  • UI: Fixed an issue where the revoke presenter button was visible for the wrong client (#1737)
  • UI: Fixed an issue where the user is trapped in the poa or media player if the presenter left the meeting (#1725)
  • Windows: Fixed an issue with photon microphone selection (#1771)
  • Windows: Fixed invalid microphone device name setup (#1760)


  • Android, Quest: Added volume sync when changing call volume in a meeting (#1770)
  • General: Extended microphone developer setup (#1772)
  • General: Added share view for none VR devices (#1591)
  • Internal: Added multiple app startups on windows in alpha version (#1763)
  • Network: Added re send cloud commands 3 times in case of 5xx or 0 as response code (#1767)
  • Network: Add bit compression for sending player rig information (#1326)
  • UI: Added ms indication to playerinfo dialog (#1765)


  • Network: Made the indication of bad ping/connection a bit more forgivable (#1762)
  • Network: Added a I am alive message to tell other players that a player is still alive (#1761)
  • Network, Test: Reposition also the pitch angle of screen devices when teleporting to the presenters position (#1001)