Version 0.7.4.a.2 (Alpha)

Posted: Friday, Jun 4, 2021


  • Android: Fixed UI camera rending issue on android (3D objects are not visible due to a unity camera bug, same issue was present in VR and affects mobile now, too) (#1961)
  • Editor: Fixed missing write of virtofy version to project database when using the runtime editor (#1964)
  • Editor: Fixed bad timed initialization of object outlines, which can lead to strange images in preview image generation (#1952)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue when rotating the view and releasing the input over the object, it get’s selected (which should not be the case) (#1947)
  • Editor: Fixed drag issues for gizmo when hovering UI controls (#1943)
  • Editor: Fixed drag release issue for gizmo when using the drop to ground sphere (#1942)
  • Editor: Fixed an editor crash if importing scaling a model will lead to rounding issues (#1870)
  • General: Fixed wrong quaternion calcualtion for unity-world/virtofy-local (#1966)
  • General: Fixed an issue where a tour could not be started if a previous tour had an error (#1965)
  • General: Fixed scaling issue for custom povs (used for teleport etc.) (#1962)
  • General: Fixed an issue where the mouse wheel cannot be used for camera movement if certain UI elements were opened (#1949)
  • General: Fixed an issue where the retry button did not work if survey sending failed (#1938)
  • General: Fixed values for custom ratings in surveys (started with value 2) (#1937)
  • General: Fixed shader issue in object view room (#1932)
  • General: Fixed an issue in joining a meeting (#1931)
  • General: Fixed crash in survey (#1927)
  • General: Fixed incorrect VR device unloading when app is closed (standalone) (#1921)
  • Quest: Quest does not play videos in menu (welcome, how to report bug etc.) (#1727)
  • UI: Fixed crash in UIlayout for movement toolbar under some circumstances (#1957)
  • UI: Fixed an issue with tour UI scaling (#1945)
  • UI: Fixed movement toolbar visibility issues (#1941)
  • UI: Fixed movement toolbar layout issue if rotate left/right button were disabled (#1936)
  • VR: Fixed jumping VR tour menu when rotating the player rig (#1923)
  • VR, Windows: Fixed VR unload issue where the screen input was not reset standalone (#1933)


  • General: Added project runtime editor/unity plugin check for outdated projects (#1963)
  • General: Added screen camera movement for object view (#1916)
  • VR: Added VR camera movement for object view (#1917)


  • Android: On mobile devices, the cursor will no longer be in the center of the screen if the context menu is visible (#1960)
  • General: Refactored pov change workflow for tour controller (#1958)
  • General: Optimized player camera animation (#1953)
  • General: Improved selection speed for mdl objects (#1948)
  • General: Changed default ground size and texture (#1946)
  • General: Changed survey texts (#1940)
  • General: Changed height of object view room tables (#1935)
  • General: Refactored player screen input move detection and execution (#1934)
  • General: Changed company name from eachTick GmbH to eachTick, all data will be placed by default in (AppData\LocalLow\eachTick\Virtofy-VERSION on windows) (#1930)
  • General: Changed password reset dialog text (#1925)
  • General: Updated texture alignments in some rooms (#1920)
  • General: Updated NGSS to version 2.3.8 (#1919)
  • General: Updated to unity 2020.3.10f1 (#1918)
  • Internal: Improved internal ground material handling (#1951)
  • UI: Updated some icons (#1956)
  • UI: Disabled toggle button fading if not set via user (#1939)
  • Windows installer: Unified use of eachTick as base name under Windows (#1922)