Version 0.9.0.a.1 (Alpha)

Posted: Wednesday, Dec 22, 2021


  • Android, Network: Fix not working meeting creation on android (if app loses focus, like on mic. permission request) (#1959)
  • General: Fix wrong file copy if the cache path was changed to the same path again (#2274)
  • General: Fix wrong start directory for cache path selection in settings dialog/screen (#2273)
  • General: Fix a rare issue where multiple heart beats could be send at once (#2272)
  • General: Fix microphones/headset bluetooth connection issues (#1776)
  • Network: Fix a crash when a player leave the meeting and the share view was enabled (#2223)
  • UI: Fix flickering actions button in tour detail screen under some circumstances (#2278)
  • UI: Fix an issue where the host avatar is not shown in the tour meeting detail screen (#2212)


  • Android, Network: Meetings will now be running up to 5 minutes if the app is background or inactive (#2271)
  • General: Improve microphone detection when switching from/to VR mode (#2182)
  • General, VR: Add spatial audio support (#2261)
  • UI: Add message group box to settings panel if microphone access was denied (#2286)
  • UI: Add modal dialog for app settings (#2259)


  • General: Improve data path and cache file management (#2266)
  • General: Update to Photon Voice 2.28.2 (#2260)
  • General: Optimize meeting voice setup (#1758)
  • Network: Set meeting voice encryption default value to enabled (#2263)
  • Network: Improve meeting timeout if app has no focus (#2226)
  • Network: Improve message for cloud connection issues (#2088)
  • UI: Improve video media player render texture setup (#2281)
  • UI: Restore manage tour menu bar avatar button, can now be used to get to the account settings screen (#2277)
  • UI: Remove obsolete permission info messages (#2270)
  • UI: Rename “Device settings” to “App settings” (#2262)
  • UI, VR: Change VR splash screen (#2288)