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Version 0.10.0.a.1 (Alpha)

Posted: Tuesday, Jan 11, 2022


  • Editor: Fix an issue where the ground was not set to visible under some circumstances (#2303)
  • General: Fix a crash when switching to VR mode in a meeting if microphone was set to none before and the HMD uses one (#2313)
  • General: Fix an issue where the logout process waits unnecessarily for the tour refreshing in the manage tour screen to be finished (#2312)
  • General: Fix wrong teleport position from object view to world view (#2307)
  • General: Fix collision issue for models (#2301)
  • General: Fix wrong max distance for straight teleport raycasts under some circumstances (#2299)
  • General: Fix wrongly visible teleport button in main toolbar (#2294)
  • General: Fix an issue where the meetings setup dialog could not be opened in a meeting if the host is not the presenter (#2293)
  • General: Fix lightmap issues in VR menu room (#2287)
  • General: Fix save issue in user ignore list (#2152)
  • General: Fix drag issue if the pointer is over an control (#2106)
  • General, Network: Fix not working revoke presenter issue for clients (#2124)
  • Network: Fix invalid player info hosting and authorize states (#2319)
  • Network: Fix an issue where the pun token of the user was not refreshed if there was an issue joining a meeting (#2291)
  • Network: Fix an issue where a wrong message was displayed if the joining meeting was hosted with an outdated app version (#2290)
  • UI: Fix an issue where the address book button was visible for the address book itself and for the ignore list (#2289)
  • UI: Fix keyboard visibility issues (#2279)
  • UI: Fix missing PMI button in main toolbar (#2123)
  • UI: Fix invalid dialog visibility when promoting a user as presenter (#2122)


  • General: Add terrain collision detection for teleporter (#2164)
  • General: Add teleport from object view to world view (#1794)
  • General: Add laser pointer option to cast trough transparent materials (#1431)
  • General: Add bounce to teleporter (#1430)
  • General: Add artificial floor if no ground is selected (#611)
  • UI: Add error icon and message to tour screen if there was a refresh problem (#2310)
  • UI: Add custom pov info to tour debug panel (#2308)
  • UI: Add a back button to main toolbar if the media player is active and the user is the presenter (#2298)
  • UI: Enable tools button on main toolbar to allow the clients in a meeting to create screenshots etc. (#2295)
  • UI: Show an info message if the app tries to join an incompatible meeting (different app version) (#2292)


  • General: Disable compression for project data uploads (#2323)
  • General: Move mdl database loading to a thread to improve app responsiveness during load (#2321)
  • General: Do not colorize VR controller models (#2318)
  • General: Update to Photon Voice 2.29 (#2315)
  • General: Improve error handling for wrong cloud voice setup (#2314)
  • General: Remove obsolete marker from playground (#2306)
  • General: Remove collider from VR controllers (#2304)
  • General: Improve material detection speed when clicking on objects (#2300)
  • General: Update to unity 2020.3.25f1 (#2297)
  • General: Replace standard shader by faster shaders in the VR menu room (#2296)
  • General: Improve blob shadows to prevent flickering (#2180)
  • General: Do not change player rig/pointer color if not fully joined in meeting (#1733)
  • General: Change teleporter visuals (#1355)
  • Import: Update to unity 2020.3.25f1 (#2324)
  • Network: Remove obsolete photon server version 4 support (always using Serialization Protocol V18 (#2316)
  • Network, VR: Microphone audio will no longer be transmit from the HMD if in a meeting and if the user is not present in the HMD (#2317)
  • UI: Display small activity dialog on top of fade canvas (2D) (#2322)
  • UI: Opening the main or meetings dialog will now close all tour main toolbar panels (#2320)
  • UI: The main toolbar and user info’s are now also visible if the media player (poa) is active (#2280)
  • VR: To disable an active teleport mode with VR controllers, you have now to move the controller to rotate 90° or more upwards, or rotate the controller in the direction of the head (#2305)