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Version 0.7.3.a.2 (Alpha)

Posted: Tuesday, May 4, 2021


  • Editor: Fixed not refreshed editor scene poa titles if a poa was renamed (#1803)
  • Editor: Fixed unreleased preview image reference under some circumstances (#1802)
  • General: Fixed error missing logging information in threads (#1840)
  • General: Fixed a file conflict issue in the downloader (#1838)
  • General: Fixed a download issue if the downloaded part file has the exact same size like the source file (#1837)
  • General: Fixed random synchronization bug when downloading files (#1836)
  • General: Fixed wrongly visible local test button in main menu if platform does not support this feature (#1834)
  • General: Fixed some text typos (#1800)
  • General: Fixed an issue where tours with no file data assigned will be displayed as downloadable tours in the manage tour screen (#1787)
  • General: Fixed an issue where the camera rotation in object view mode was not reset correctly (#1785)
  • General: Fixed an issue for failed tour file download under some circumstances (#1783)
  • General: Fixed missing localization key for wifi info message on mobile devices (#1775)
  • VR, Windows: Fixed VR device loading not working correctly under some circumstances (#1801)
  • Windows: Fixed a crash when closing the app (#1789)


  • Editor: Finished editor camera tweening (#1828)
  • Editor: Added strippling transparency effect to editor pov gizmo (#1826)
  • Editor: Added editor settings to allow teleport to world view from object view mode (#1811)
  • Editor: Added editor auto camera focus option for pov when selected (default is enabled) (#1809)
  • Editor: Added model rescale button to editor (#1806)
  • Editor: Added new editor workflow for object/world view mode (#1805)
  • Editor: Added editor info to debug options (#1786)
  • Editor, General: Merge view modes (#1328)
  • General: Added app is closing dialog (#1847)
  • General: Added httpManager logging option to settings file (#1846)
  • General: Added stacktrace logging option to settings file (#1842)
  • General: Added memory logging option to settings file (#1841)
  • General: Added timer before resend a cloud command if there was an error (#1835)
  • General: Added teleport to world view position when in object view mode (#1810)
  • General: Added editor settings section (only available on platforms which support the editor, e.g. windows) (#1808)
  • General: Added object pooling for UI scene controls (faster creation in editor, faster loading subsequence scene loads, less GC time) (#1807)
  • General: Added new runtime workflow for object/world view mode (#1804)
  • General: Blackscreen fading will be disabled now if an exception raises, e.g. the app crashes (#1782)


  • Editor: Model rescale is now automatically done when loading a new model (no more dialog for asking) (#1822)
  • Editor: Editor scene povs will show the title again (#1819)
  • Editor: Improved pov loading speed in editor inspector (#1816)
  • Editor: Changed internal rescaling calculation (#1814)
  • Editor: Changed some editor dialog and control icons (#1813)
  • Editor: Improved editor speed load (#1812)
  • Editor: Increased view distance for editor poa and pov world icons (#1784)
  • General: Updated BestHTTP to 2.4.0 (#1845)
  • General: Improved logging speed (#1839)
  • General: Reduced GC collection calls (#1833)
  • General: Update localization controller to not use xml files (#1831)
  • General: Reduced GC time for shader keywords by recycle keyword strings (#1827)
  • General: Improved tour pov management (#1818)
  • General: Improved pov change handling (removed unnecessary waiting frames due to sync issues) (#1815)
  • General: Updated to unity 2020.3.4f (#1795)
  • General: Reduced memory usage (#1788)
  • Internal: Replaced all reason strings with enums (#1844)
  • Internal: Refactor project controller states (#1843)
  • Internal: Removed old static object/world view mode (#1821)
  • Internal: Removed mesh baker (#1820)
  • Internal: Reduced GC collection for internal texture loader observer (only applicable in unity) (#1817)
  • UI: Improved scale edit properties, it is now easier to change the values (#1823)