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0.8.0 (Alpha)

Posted: Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021


  • GUI: Fixed incorrect tracking space drawing for POV objects (#124)


  • GUI, General: Added text support to POA (#106)
  • GUI, General: Added Support for Animation Controller (#86)
  • General: Optimized build times by using batch import for autogenerated images (POVs, POAs) (#129)
  • General: Optimized build times by checking if textures have been changed or not (prevent unneeded AssetDatabase reimports) (#128)
  • General: Refactored tour build pipeline (#112)
  • General: Project data is now stored under Assets/VirtofyProject (#102)
  • General: Added Undo support for all operations in SceneObjects and for ScriptableObjects (#92)
  • Internal: Remove unused funcs. etc. from Helper module/Create new shared module for helping stuff (#97)


  • GUI, General: Updated all texts (#122)
  • GUI, General: Refactored unity project settings dialog for plugin setup (Edit/Project Settings/Virtofy) (#117)
  • GUI, General: Refactored material configuration modules (#116)
  • General: Refactored preview image generation (#131)
  • General: Project cleanup (#130)
  • General: Updated help urls (#123)
  • General: Removed obsolete stuff (#121)
  • General: Configurable materials can now be shared between sceens (#120)
  • General: Refactored all inspectors and setup/settings windows (#119)
  • General: Refactored helper modules and functions (#118)
  • General: The skysetup is now based per scene only (#113)
  • General: Videoclips are now always transcoded and included in AssetBundles for compatibility reasons (#85)