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0.8.1 (Alpha)

Posted: Friday, Jul 30, 2021


  • GUI: Fixed wrong color value for URL labels if GUI is disabled (#137)


  • General: Added content type of assetBundle to assetBundleloadOrder info for scenes (#143)
  • General: Added shader assetBundle type for scenes to prevent hiccups in app during loading (#142)


  • General: Code cleanup (#145)
  • General: Updated some Utility methods (#144)
  • General: All preview image assetBundles are now using the first asset GUID for numbering, which prevents overwriting assetBundles on build with different content (#141)
  • General: Config material preview images are now always separated as assetBundles (#140)
  • General: Config material assetBundles are now always separated, as this helps to faster load/unload in the the app (#139)
  • General: Improved assetBundle generation (#138)