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Version 0.8.4 (Alpha)

Posted: Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021


  • GUI: Fixed an issue where the progress indicator dialog was still visible even if the build process was cancled (#168)
  • GUI: Fixed wrong asset preview drawing for inspector (#161)
  • General: Fixed an issue with internal material set building using wrong material IDs under some circumstances (#180)
  • General: Fixed an issue where all poa preview images and content where always included in every scene (#165)
  • General: Fixed assetBundle creation issues if config materials are shared with multiple scenes (#164)
  • General: Fixed rare crash when closing modal dialogs with the escape button (#163)


  • GUI: Added show unity console button in build result dialog if there was a build error (#170)
  • General: Added internal scene material cloning for scene materials (improves app loading speed) (#181)
  • General: Added asset load order for variations (used in the app to load scene materials in correct order) (#177)
  • General: Added assetNames to assetBundleLoad order, so that the app can explicitly load the needed assets instead of loading all assets in a bundle (#174)
  • General: Added checks for referencing of auto generated textures in scenes and config materials (which is not allowed) (#169)


  • GUI: Changed some label texts (#182)
  • General: Improved config material database building, unused materials (and links to material sets) which do not have a link to a scene material are removed now (#183)
  • General: Removed project guid from assetbundle file names (#175)
  • General: Refactored variation selections (#173)
  • General: Improved warn message if config materials are using the same material (the latest config materials will be ignored) (#171)
  • General: Removed some unnecessary warning messages (#166)
  • General: Extended file helper by sha256 functions (#160)
  • General: Renamed some variables (#159)
  • General: Do not include config material configuration in build if no materials are set (#158)
  • General, Internal: Removed unused code (#178)
  • Internal: Code cleanup (#172)