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Version 0.8.5 (Alpha)

Posted: Thursday, Oct 21, 2021


  • General: Fixed a potential crash if a scene object has a missing scene link (#185)


  • GUI: Add clear build directory button (#93)
  • General: Add auto generated shader variant collection support (#206)
  • General: Improve validation for project export (#202)
  • General: Add short assetbundle filenames (#197)
  • General: Add assetbundle grouping for all object which use (pov, poa, var, set) preview images (#196)
  • General: Add shader build pipline to secure that VR stereo streaming and multi view is include in builds (#195)
  • General: Add build compression option (#194)
  • General: Add custom working path to project properties (#190)


  • General: Remove the need of content for a scene, a scene can now be empty or can just have built in primitives (#205)
  • General: Remove compilation mode, assetBundles are always grouped now (#204)
  • General: Update filename and assetpath shema (#203)
  • General: Change project preview workflow (#193)
  • General: Remove unused data from runtime database (#192)
  • General: Change project summary file structure (#191)
  • General: Remove previewBuild from project properties (#189)
  • General: Remove local project GUID setup (#188)
  • General: Move shared filenames into own file for better readability (#187)
  • Internal: Code cleanup (#186)