Version 0.8.6 (Alpha)

Posted: Friday, Oct 29, 2021


  • GUI: Fix for remembering project window position on unity editor start (#201)
  • General: Fix an issue where not all shader compatible platforms where set on standalone platform (mac was missing) (#210)


  • General: Add warn message if no real time light is used in a scene (#223)
  • General: Disable optimize mesh data when building asset bundles (#222)
  • General: Add camera far clipping plane value for scene (indicates how far the user can see in the Virtofy app) (#219)
  • General: Add support for Windows, Mac and Linux as standalone platforms, the old standalone platform indication is now obsolete and will be removed in one of the next releases (#217)
  • General: Remove all always include shaders for asset bundle creation to prevent shader load errors (like for the standard or other builtin shaders) (#214)
  • General: Add file write checks for asset bundles if they are opened by another app (this can be the case when loading the tour as preview, and the app has not finished unloading the asset bundles) (#213)
  • General: Add shader build info log file to output directory (#211)
  • General: Add detailed log information when asset bundles need to be recreated due to asset path changes (#209)
  • General: Add export tour preview images as png file instead of asset bundle due to unity asset bundle loading limitations for same asset bundle contents/names (#208)


  • GUI: Updated build platform panels (#218)
  • General: Improve shader compilation workflow (#216)
  • General: Change root directory name of plugin from virtofyForUnity to VirtofyForUnity (#200)
  • Internal: Code cleanup (#212)
  • Internal: Update comments in code (#207)