Create the perfect VR presentation for your business

Virtofy enables you to compose stunning virtual tours from your own 3D data and reach everyone - whether in VR, on desktop or mobile. Improve your project planning, boost your sales and educate smarter.


Save time & money

Turn your 3D data into Virtofy tours in minutes. Edit your project whenever you want, without the need for external VR agencies.

Boost sales

Immerse clients & stakeholders and make them go WOW. Convince them by letting them walk right into your ideas.

Educate smarter

When educating about 3D topics (e.g. buildings, cockpits), Virtofy gives a much better understanding of sizes and dimensions.

Reach all audiences

From tech-savvy VR fans, travelers with only a mobile device, or desktop users. Reach all of them, wherever they are.

Add value to existing data

More value, less effort: Virtofy integrates easily into existing workflows thanks to the wide range of file formats it can handle.

Differentiate your brand

Incorporate VR presentations to make your brand stand out and position your company as customer-centric.

Protect resources

... And also your wallet: Prevent unnecessary business trips and meetings. Increase digital prototyping to reduce manufacturing efforts.

One tool, many use cases

Find how Virtofy helps you best: From trade fairs and exhibitions to home offices. From presenting in person to online meetings.

Keep your original files safe

When importing, your data will be securely converted into a Virtofy tour. So when others receive it, they can not access your original file.


  • Architects
  • City planners
  • Mechanical & automotive engineering
  • Supply engineering
  • Advertising & media agencies
  • Training departments & facilities
  • Artists & designers
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry
  • Schools & universities
  • Research facilities

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Tour Creator

Unleash your creativity with Virtofy. Import over 30 file formats to create immersive tours. From quick design reviews to complex experiences, create interactive presentations effortlessly, without coding skills.

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Presentation Tools

Use a great variety of presentation tools like section planes or BIM-inspection to explore your 3D model in detail.

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Online Meetings

Present and collaborate in immersive live meetings with multiple users at once, no matter where they are located. Walk clients and customers through your work - literally!

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Unity Plugin

Use our powerful Unity plugin to create even more complex and individualized Virtofy tours directly inside Unity.

Easy & Secure Sharing

Your tours are synchronized to the Virtofy cloud, so you can share all data directly with clients and collaborators anywhere.


VR, laptop, desktop or mobile: thanks to our accessible, cross-platform UI and automatic content optimization, your Virtofy tours will look great everywhere.

Virtofy is available for Windows (10+), Android (7+) and Meta Quest (1/2/Pro)

Use cases


Include Virtofy in your planning process to improve communication, define clearer project goals and help collaborators and stakeholders to make better decisions.


  • Prototyping
  • Approval processes
  • Interim reviews


Update your marketing and sales strategy with Virtofy to show your products & services. Increase customer engagement, stay ahead of competitors and maximize sales.


  • Events & trade fairs
  • Sales pitches
  • In-store solutions


Transform education and training with Virtofy. Use interactive simulations and real-time collaboration to motivate learners, enhance knowledge retention and facilitate practical training.


  • Recruiting
  • Interactive job trainings (safety, user instructions, etc.)
  • Academic education

Demo Tours


Custom avatars

Tailor-made avatars that embody your brand's identity. For avatars that perfectly represent you.

Custom presentation environments

Unique and customized presentation environments. From specialized rooms to extraordinary settings.

Content creation

Expert assistance to craft captivating tour content. Let us turn your data into immersive experiences for you.

Custom functions

Individualized app functionalities. Get the behaviors you need for a truly unique experience.

Custom hosting

Host Virtofy on your premises. We make self-hosting possible for you.

Your branding

Seamlessly integrate with your brand's identity using our white-label version of Virtofy.

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