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Virtofy - The best way to communicate your 3D data! Create interactive XR-presentations yourself to improve sales, training & design reviews!

The Apps

Virtofy Studio

Unleash your creativity with the Tour Creator. Import over 30 file formats to craft impressive tours. Store and share them in the Cloud or locally on your devices. Includes all Virtofy Viewer features, too.

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Virtofy Viewer

Utilize a wide range of Presentation Tools. Join or host Online Meetings from anywhere. Guide clients through your tours or let them experience it themselves - for free.


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*We are constantly working on support for more platforms.

Use Cases

Product and process virtualization

Create virtual tours of machines and processes (digital twins) that save time and costs during customer visits and demonstrations.

Business Case: Visualisation of a fibre patch Placement production for Cevotec (PDF)

Design review

Reduce design reviews with a significant reduction in the number of physical prototypes required.

Business Case: Virtual Prototyping for a luggage manufacturer (PDF)

Challenging environments and things which are impossible in the real world

Simulate the operation of highly complex, difficult-to-access systems and demonstrate technological possibilities and interrelationships without physical visits.

Business Case: Cleanroom visualisation for Vetter Pharma (PDF)


Walk through rooms and places interactively in a virtual 3D environment whenever you want and without having to travel to the actual locations.

Business Case: Virtual reality training with 3D-scanned scenarios (PDF)


Save time & money

Significant cost reductions by reducing on-site visits & physical prototypes can quickly offset your investment in VR technology.

Boost sales

Inspire customers with interactive and memorable demonstrations. Let them immerse themselves directly in your project.

Improve training

Provide realistic, detailed training scenarios without location restrictions.

Accessible & easy

Start creating and presenting VR scenarios in no time, thanks to our intuitive, easily understandable user interface. Anytime, anywhere and on different devices.

Collaborate better

Enable multiple users to work together in VR environments, improving communication and reducing the number of feedback loops.

Keep your original files safe

When importing, your data will be securely converted into a Virtofy tour. This means you never share your original file with others, only the tour.


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