VR presentation solution for enterprises

Revolutionize the way your company interacts with customers, trains employees and develops products. Create impressive VR visualizations for demonstrations, training courses and design reviews with your own 3D data.

Use Cases

Product and process virtualization

Create virtual tours of machines and processes (digital twins) that save time and costs during customer visits and demonstrations.

Business Case: Visualisation of a fibre patch Placement production for Cevotec (PDF)

Design review

Reduce design reviews with a significant reduction in the number of physical prototypes required.

Business Case: Virtual Prototyping for a luggage manufacturer (PDF)

Challenging environments and things which are impossible in the real world

Simulate the operation of highly complex, difficult-to-access systems and demonstrate technological possibilities and interrelationships without physical visits.

Business Case: Cleanroom visualisation for Vetter Pharma (PDF)


Walk through rooms and places interactively in a virtual 3D environment whenever you want and without having to travel to the actual locations.

Business Case: Virtual reality training with 3D-scanned scenarios (PDF)


Save time & money

Significant cost reductions by reducing on-site visits & physical prototypes can quickly offset your investment in VR technology.

Boost sales

Inspire customers with interactive and memorable demonstrations. Let them immerse themselves directly in your project.

Improve training

Provide realistic, detailed training scenarios without location restrictions.

Accessible & easy

Start creating and presenting VR scenarios in no time, thanks to our intuitive, easily understandable user interface. Anytime, anywhere and on different devices.


Enable multiple users to work together in VR environments, improving communication and reducing the number of feedback loops.

Innovate your design process

Iterate and optimize product designs in a virtual environment before committing to production.

Increase sustainability

Minimize your carbon footprint and resource consumption by reducing material waste and travel.

Perfectly scalable

Virtofy adapts to your individual requirements, whether a small team, large enterprise or government agency.

Keep your original files safe

When importing, your data will be securely converted into a Virtofy tour. So when others receive it, they can not access your original file.

Customer opinions

"For the first time, our complex production processes can be visualized much more easily and made accessible to a larger group of customers."

ULI KUCHENBROD, Director Product Development & Design, Vetter Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

"The public interest was enormous. I can‘t remember ever having so many visitors to our booth."


Partner network


Tour Creator

Unleash your creativity with Virtofy. Import over 30 file formats to create immersive tours. From quick design reviews to complex experiences, create interactive presentations effortlessly, without coding skills.

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Presentation Tools

Use a great variety of presentation tools like section planes or BIM-inspection to explore your 3D model in detail.

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Online Meetings

Present and collaborate in immersive live meetings with multiple users at once, no matter where they are located. Walk clients and customers through your work - literally!

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Unity Plugin

Use our powerful Unity plugin to create even more complex and individualized Virtofy tours directly inside Unity.

Easy & Secure Sharing

Your tours are synchronized to the Virtofy cloud, so you can share all data directly with clients and collaborators anywhere.


VR, laptop, desktop or mobile: thanks to our accessible, cross-platform UI and automatic content optimization, your Virtofy tours will look great everywhere.

Virtofy is available for Windows (10+), Android (7+), Meta Quest (1/2/3/Pro) and PICO 4


Custom avatars

Tailor-made avatars that embody your brand's identity. For avatars that perfectly represent you.

Custom presentation environments

Unique and customized presentation environments. From specialized rooms to extraordinary settings.

Content creation

Expert assistance to craft captivating tour content. Let us turn your data into immersive experiences for you.

Custom functions

Individualized app functionalities. Get the behaviors you need for a truly unique experience.

Custom hosting

Host Virtofy on your premises. We make self-hosting possible for you.

Your branding

Seamlessly integrate with your brand's identity using our white-label version of Virtofy.

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