How to meet in Virtofy effortlessly

Posted: April 30, 2021

Meetings are at the heart of Virtofy

Virtofy is all about sharing and presenting, therefore meetings are one of our core features. We do not only invest a lot of time and care to make meetings a great experience, it is also completely free for your clients and customers to join your meetings. Like this, you can plan meetings and invite others without having to worry about additional costs. They can join in two ways, depending on the type of meeting you choose.

Choose your meeting type

If you want to make sure that only specific people can enter, you can create a private meeting for specific Virtofy users to ensure a maximum of security. Here, invitees need a Virtofy account to join. For this, users just need to sign up for the free Virtofy plan. Alternatively, you can send a code invitation for a public meeting, so clients can enter your meeting without account. This solution offers the highest convenience for invitees without account.

Screenshots taken from dev. version, looks may vary from final design

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