VR in urban planning - evaluation project with the city of Dormagen

Posted: September 13, 2023

Sharing VR presentations in urban planning processes can help enable more efficient decision making as well as better citizen engagement. That way, Virtofy can complement the sustainable development of attractive urban spaces.

We are collaborating with the business development organization of Dormagen ( SWD ) to evaluate how VR presentations can be integrated into the process of urban planning. The project will address several topics: The optimal way to integrate 3D models into Virtofy for a seamless workflow, so stakeholders can start or participate in virtual 3D meetings to improve collaborative municipal processes.

André Heryschek, Head of Structural Change and Smart City at SWD, says: “Our goal is to find out how we can use Virtofy in the planning stage to realistically visualize and communicate complex urban development projects, with the aim of using scarce municipal resources more efficiently.”

“Virtofy allows us to test and optimize different model variants in the cities digital twin before entering the construction phase and to involve citizens at an early stage in order to make urban development more participatory,” adds Christoph Reitenberger, Product Manager Digital Twin at SWD.

The following video demonstrates how a 3D model from the SWD can be imported into Virtofy and used in a VR preview by the urban planners of Dormagen.

If you have any questions about this topic or how Virtofy can help you, ask us