Find the perfect XR use case with DICES

Posted: June 19, 2024

Today, we want to introduce you to the DICES concept, which provides a powerful framework for businesses seeking to leverage XR applications like Virtofy. It was pioneered by VR researcher Jeremy Bailenson.

DICES encompasses five key considerations: Dangerous, Impossible, Counterproductive, Expensive or rare, and Sensory or social. By evaluating scenarios through these lenses, businesses can identify where XR can offer the most value. Whether it’s simulating dangerous tasks for training, enabling impossible experiences, eliminating counterproductive practices, reducing costs for rare experiences or expensive prototypes, or enhancing sensory and social interactions, DICES guides businesses towards strategic XR implementation.

With Virtofy’s immersive capabilities, organizations can unlock new opportunities for training, collaboration, and customer engagement, driving innovation and efficiency across various industries.

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