Floating license

With our floating license model, you have the freedom to install the Virtofy app on all supported devices without any hardware coupling. Enjoy the flexibility to access Virtofy wherever you need it, ensuring seamless collaboration and convenience.

Maximum concurrent devices

Our offering allows for a maximum number of concurrent devices to be connected and using the same account simultaneously. This ensures efficient and seamless usage across multiple devices, promoting collaboration and productivity. You can install Virtofy on an unlimited number of devices, but you are limited to use it on "maximum concurrent devices" number of devices concurrently.

Cloud and Local Storage Modes

A storage will be used to save and load data from:

  • Cloud storage mode: This mode uses the Virtofy cloud (or your on-premise cloud) for uploading and downloading tour data. Easily share tours with other users by granting read permissions, inviting them to a meeting, or forwarding the tour.
  • Local storage mode: This mode operates using a designated local path (including network drives). All tours are saved and loaded from this path. You’re responsible for sharing data with other users, such as during a meeting. This grants you full control over your data.

Type of hosting

Virtofy cloud infrastructure can be hosted in two different configurations:

  • Shared: In this configuration, the Virtofy cloud is hosted by eachTick, providing a reliable and secure server infrastructure (hosted in Europe) for your VR presentations.
  • On-premise: With the on-premise option, the Virtofy cloud is hosted on your infrastructure, allowing you to maintain full control and security over your data.



Meeting typesPrivatePrivate, Public
Max. meeting duration60 min.2 hrs.
Max. participants in a meeting28
Guest in meetings

Enable guest access in Virtofy meetings, allowing users without an account to join by entering their name. Simplify collaboration and welcome external participants effortlessly.

Virtofy Studio (Windows)

Access to Virtofy Studio and the Tour Creator
Max. number of tours1020
Max. tour size

Defines the maximum storage space for a tour. Tours can consist of a variety of 2D and 3D graphics, audio and video files, and any type of attachments.

250 MB1 GB
Basic import file types
Extended import file types
BIM support
Custom scene presets

Transform your tours into extraordinary experiences with bespoke custom scene presets provided by eachTick. Unlock the potential to create captivating surroundings such as unique rooms, halls, isles, or any other tailored elements that align with your vision. To fulfill your specific requirements, eachTick will generate a customized offer for the creation of these scene presets, ensuring they meet your demands perfectly. Please note that the offer will be based on the scope and complexity of the requested custom presets.

Share links

You can send a link of a tour to other users (via email or a messaging service). If the user clicks on this link, they will be added to the sharing list of the tour and will see the tour in the Shared-with-me section in Virtofy. This way, you can easily share tours with other users without adding them manually to the tour's sharing list.

Max. shares per tour

This specifies the maximum number of users you can share the tour with.

Host shared tours

If enabled, a shared user can host a meeting using your shared tour.

Duplicate shared tours

If enabled, a shared user can duplicate your shared tour and create their own version of it.

Notification when tour was started

If enabled, you will receive a notification email if a shared user starts your shared tour. The shared user must have enabled this behavior in Virtofy's privacy settings.

Transfer tours to other users

Allows the ownership of a tour and its editing rights to be transferred to another account.

Tour import / export

This allows you to import or export your created tours from/to an archive (directory), which can be used for exchanging tours with other Virtofy users or for backups.


Unity plugin support

Unlock the full potential of content creation with Virtofy through our Unity editor plugin. By utilizing this powerful plugin, you can leverage the capabilities of Unity to design scenes with intricate lighting, particle effects, animations, and more. Enjoy the freedom to create complex scenes within the Unity editor and seamlessly export them to Virtofy, catering to your unique content creation requirements and special demands. The Unity plugin is sold separately.

Custom module support

Experience the power of tailored functionality by enabling custom module support within the Virtofy app. This feature allows you to unlock exclusive, custom-built modules that cater to your specific needs and requirements. To explore the possibilities and receive a personalized offer for custom modules, please reach out to eachTick. Elevate your Virtofy experience with bespoke functionalities designed to enhance your workflows and deliver exceptional results.


Email support priorityLowMediumHigh