The 3 steps to your Virtofy version

Step 1
Live Demo
In a first meeting, you will experience the app live. Together we will define how Virtofy can help your company.
Step 2
Self Testing
If required, you will receive a free Virtofy trial version to test it for yourself - including personal support.
Step 3
Our Offer
We will prepare a non-binding offer for you, for a Virtofy version that fits exactly your requirements.

Feature set

This is a list of all currently available features. Your personal Virtofy version will contain only the features that are relevant to you. This individual feature set can be extended at any time later.


License period (test version / full version)14 days / custom
Floating license

With our floating license model, you have the freedom to install the Virtofy app on all supported devices without any hardware coupling. Enjoy the flexibility to access Virtofy wherever you need it, ensuring seamless collaboration and convenience.

Maximum concurrent devices

Our offering allows for a maximum number of concurrent devices to be connected and using the same account simultaneously. This ensures efficient and seamless usage across multiple devices, promoting collaboration and productivity. You can install Virtofy on an unlimited number of devices, but you are limited to use it on "maximum concurrent devices" number of devices concurrently.

Custom 3D avatars

Please note that a watermark will be shown when using Virtofy's non-paid versions, such as the trial version or when no paid account is active. The watermark serves as a visual reminder of the current usage status.

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows you to use Virtofy even without an Internet connection.

In development
Save locally

This feature allows users to store data exclusively on their device's hard drive without uploading it to the cloud. This feature is ideal for backing up sensitive data only on selected devices.

In development


Type of hosting

Virtofy cloud infrastructure can be hosted in two different configurations:

  • Shared: In this configuration, the Virtofy cloud is hosted by eachTick, providing a reliable and secure server infrastructure (hosted in Europe) for your VR presentations.
  • On-premise: With the on-premise option, the Virtofy cloud is hosted on your infrastructure, allowing you to maintain full control and security over your data.
Shared or on-premise


Max. tours (cloud / locally)Custom / unlimited
Max. tour size (cloud / locally)

Defines the maximum storage space for a tour. Tours can consist of a variety of 2D and 3D graphics, audio and video files, and any type of attachments.

Custom / unlimited
Host meetings
Meeting typesPrivate / publicly
Max. meeting duration

Sets the maximum duration for a meeting (e.g. 30 minutes, or 4 hours).

Voice communication in a meeting
Max participants in a meetingCustom
Allow other accounts to meetings
Allow guest accounts in meetings

Enable guest access in Virtofy meetings, allowing users without an account to join by entering their name. Simplify collaboration and welcome external participants effortlessly.

Presentation tools

Presenter rights
Interaction options
View sharing
Section plane
Exploded view
Object inspection
2D screenshots
360° screenshots

Tour Creator (Windows)

Tour Creator
Basic 3D file import: .glb, .gltf
Extended 3D file import: .3ds, .3mf, .sat, .sab, .dae, .dxf, .fbx, .ifc, .igs, .iges, .jt, .obj, .brep, .x_t, .x_b, .xmt, .xmb, .3dm, .prt, .asm, .sldpart, .step, .stp, .stl, .wrl
BIM support
3D file LOD generation (experimental)
Basic 2D file import .jpg, .jepg,
Extended 2D file import .bmp, .png, .tga,
Basic audio file import .wav
Extended audio file import .mp3, .ogg,
Extended video file import .mov, .mp4,
Custom scene preset support

Transform your tours into extraordinary experiences with bespoke custom scene presets provided by eachTick. Unlock the potential to create captivating surroundings such as unique rooms, halls, isles, or any other tailored elements that align with your vision. To fulfill your specific requirements, eachTick will generate a customized offer for the creation of these scene presets, ensuring they meet your demands perfectly. Please note that the offer will be based on the scope and complexity of the requested custom presets.

Public share links
Maximum private shares per tourCustom
Allow shared tour hosting
Allow shared tour duplication
Notify when shared tour was loaded
Tour ownership transfer

Allows the ownership of a tour and its editing rights to be transferred to another account.

Tour import
Tour export

Plugins (Windows/MacOS)

Unity plugin

Unlock the full potential of content creation with Virtofy through our Unity editor plugin. By utilizing this powerful plugin, you can leverage the capabilities of Unity to design scenes with intricate lighting, particle effects, animations, and more. Enjoy the freedom to create complex scenes within the Unity editor and seamlessly export them to Virtofy, catering to your unique content creation requirements and special demands.

Offline tests with Unity 3D plugin
Custom module support

Experience the power of tailored functionality by enabling custom module support within the Virtofy app. This feature allows you to unlock exclusive, custom-built modules that cater to your specific needs and requirements. To explore the possibilities and receive a personalized offer for custom modules, please reach out to eachTick. Elevate your Virtofy experience with bespoke functionalities designed to enhance your workflows and deliver exceptional results.


Feature updates
Bugfix updates
Security updates
BETA access


Online documentation
E-mail supportRegular / priority / premium


Licensed for internal and customer showcase or usage

Use Virtofy freely for showcasing tours to customers internally, such as in sales or marketing presentations. "Customer showcase or usage" refers to the ability to present and share tours with your clients on an internal basis, demonstrating the immersive experiences and features of Virtofy. However, please note that public exhibitions or similar events are excluded from this permit.

Licensed for public showcase like exhibitions or similar events

The Virtofy app is licensed for public showcase purposes, including exhibitions and similar events. This allows you to leverage the power of Virtofy to captivate and engage your audience in public settings.

Licensed for agency usage

Our agency plan is tailored for those who wish to utilize Virtofy as an agency and create immersive tours for their customers. This provides the necessary features and capabilities to meet the unique requirements of agency usage, empowering you to deliver exceptional tour experiences to your clients.

Custom branding

With the custom branding feature, Virtofy can be utilized as a white label solution, allowing you to incorporate your own branding elements into the platform. This enables you to maintain a consistent brand experience while utilizing the powerful capabilities of Virtofy.

Source code

Gain access to the app's source code, allowing you to tailor and customize Virtofy according to your specific needs. Empower your organization with complete control and flexibility, leveraging the underlying technology to create immersive experiences that align with your unique requirements.