Version 0.17.1 (BETA)

Posted: December 1, 2022


  • General: Fix not working t-shirt color setup for client avatars (always white) (#3398)
  • General: Fix not working download of tour data under some circumstances (#3397)
  • General: Fix not working preview tour for exported in-app editor tours (#3395)
  • In App Editor: Fix rare invalid material set preview image generation (#3394)
  • In App Editor: Fix wrong save icon state (#3356)


  • General: Add max triangle count for tour and show message before starting the tour if that would impact user experience (#3372)
  • General, Windows: Add smooth camera movement when using the mouse wheel (can be setup in the app settings) (#3399)
  • In App Editor: Add in-app editor tour preview (start / stop) (#616)
  • UI, VR, Windows: Show confirmation dialog to leave VR mode if VR mode is enabled and the in-app editor should be started (#3396)


  • General: Improve shadow distance (#3240)
  • UI: Update some texts (#3392)