Tour Creator

Import your own 3D files to create immersive tours! Whether you have large-scale architecture or small product designs. Whether you want to create a tour in minutes with our presets or individualize all aspects of your tour. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, no coding or design skills are required.

The Tour Creator is only integrated into Virtofy Studio.

Your Data

The Tour Creator effortlessly handles everything from simple 3D layouts to complex CAD files (including BIM and PMI support) and photogrammetry scans . Your data will be optimized for a seamless and smooth runtime experience. We keep your data safe: The import process is done locally on your machine, no processing in the Cloud!

View Types

Virtofy offers 3 view types: Fixed size for quick testing without the need to set measurements and sizes, miniature size to explore buildings and large structures as a miniature into which users can teleport, and real life size for 1:1 scale presentations, e.g. for machines, cars etc.

Points of View

You can create points of view (POV), fixed positions in your scene, to which your users can teleport. POVs offer also the chance to experience the scene from various perspectives, whether as a child, a small spider or a towering giant.

Points of Action

Enrich your scenes by adding metadata like images, audio, video , providing users with additional information about your presented work. You can also create points of action to change single materials or whole material sets of your scene.


Individualize your sky to perfectly match your presentation style. From simple colors to immersive 360° skyspheres, you have full control over the sky's appearance to suit your needs.

Sun & Shadow

You have the freedom to precisely set and adjust sun and shadow properties to your needs. Create the perfect look & feel and research the behavior of light and shadow during different times of day.


Choose from default, tiled, or image-based ground options, and effortlessly create a fading ground that puts your ideas center stage with just two clicks.


Incorporate multiple material variations and utilize material sets for effortless switching between configurations with just one click, providing a seamless and interactive experience.


Enhance your scenes with your own audio to make the experience even more captivating. You can add audio as background for the whole scene or individual points of view.


Instantly preview your crafted tour with Virtofy's play button, simplifying the development process.

Unity Plugin

Use our powerful Unity Plugin to create even more complex and individualized Virtofy tours directly inside Unity.