Online Meetings

Immerse your audience in live meetings that transcend physical barriers. Present and collaborate with multiple users, no matter their location. Choose avatars, manage user rights and offer a truely interactive, shared experience. All firewall-friendly, eliminating the need for IT to enable ports on routers, ensuring smooth accessibility.

Online Meetings are integrated in Virtofy Studio, and Virtofy Viewer.

Individual avatars

Bring your virtual meetings to life in Virtofy. Select prefigured avatars, use the Ready Player Me system, or import your own avatar files , all with captivating animations for an immersive experience.

Meeting Types

Virtofy offers the flexibility of both private and public meetings . In private meetings, users with Virtofy accounts receive invite emails and can also conveniently join with a single click from within the app. Public meetings allow participants, including guest users, to join using shareable links and passwords.

Presenter rights

Hosts have the ability to designate any participant of a meeting as a presenter. This allows presentations held by teams, instead of just individuals and fosters dynamic and engaging interactions.

Interaction options

You can grant users the freedom to interact and explore a scene by themselves, but also restrict all scene interactions to the presenter. Like that, participants are still able to move around, but can focus better on your presentation.

View sharing

Enhance explanations and communication by enabling presenters to share their view, providing all users with a real-time visual experience that facilitates effective understanding and collaboration.

Voice communication

With our seamless voice communication, Virtofy allows real-time collaboration and interactive discussions among participants. When you speak, your avatar also moves their mouth accordingly.