Presentation Tools

Turn your presentation into a real eye-catcher. Help your audience to understand your designs and ideas better with annotations, inspection tools and much more.

Presentation Tools are integrated in Virtofy Studio, and Virtofy Viewer.


Highlight and emphasize specific areas in your VR presentation. Use colored lines to draw attention, circles to highlight objects, and measurement mode to gain a sense of distance. Easily erase annotations as needed, and rest assured that all annotations are saved per user, per tour.


Easily inspect and navigate the objects in your VR presentation on a hierarchical level. Show, hide, and isolate your selections as needed. Use the search function to quickly find specific objects in question.

Section plane

Get a unique and detailed look inside your 3D model. Easily slice through sections and obtain a clear view of the interior, allowing for a deeper understanding and analysis of your design.

Exploded view

Showcase the intricate details of your design by exploding it into various parts. Highlight specific components and give your audience an up-close and detailed look at the inner workings of your creation.

Object inspection

Highlight and isolate specific objects in your VR presentation to maintain focus and attention. Obtain metadata (BIM) for the selected object, providing valuable information and context for your audience.


Easily rotate your object around all three axes for a perfect view every time. Get a complete and dynamic look at your design from all angles, providing an enhanced and immersive experience for your audience.

Laser pointer

Guide your audience's attention to specific areas with the laser pointer feature. Create a point of interest (POI) to catch their eyes, no matter where they are looking at the moment, thanks to animated highlighting.


Effortlessly dissect, inspect, and manipulate parts, groups, or entire models within your Virtofy scene. With the Grab feature, unlock unparalleled insights and streamline your exploration process effortlessly.


Discover your models with the aid of animations. Showcase machinery processes, procedures, or creative ideas to enhance understanding.