Virtofy - the virtual presentation system

Posted Friday, November 25, 2022

Launch of the Virtofy BETA program


Today we announce the first release of Virtofy BETA .

Virtofy is a virtual presentation system to present 3D / CAD / CAE designs in live presentations & meetings. André Weinhold, CEO of Virtofy states “it has been a long and intense development process, since we wanted to make sure, that even though this is not a final version, it already delivers a well rounded, stable experience. And we are convinced the result was worth it.”


The software was developed with a focus on designers, engineers, AEC companies and marketing experts. Presentations and meetings can be held in VR, on mobile or desktop. The in-app editor, which is currently available in Virtofy for Windows, enables users to import over 29 different 3D / CAD / CAE formats and create interactive VR tours with images, audios and videos.


Virtofy BETA is available on desktop for Windows, on mobile for Android and in VR for Meta, Quest-Link and SteamVR. More editions for other platforms are currently in development.

Join the BETA

To join the Virtofy BETA program, users are invited to sign up here .