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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions About VR

What is Virtual Reality?

VR is a computer generated environment, that can be experienced with a VR headset. To interact, you can use gestures and VR motion controllers. Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment, business and educational purposes. Other types of VR style technology include augmented reality and mixed reality.

Are there age restrictions?

We do not recommend to use VR for children younger than 6 years. The minimum distance between their eyes (interpupillary distance) is not developed enough yet to have an effective 3D depth effect.

Are there any safety precautions?

In case you have any health problems, please first consult your doctor regarding the safety of using VR with your condition. In case you feel dizziness or motion sickness during your VR experience, we recommend taking a little break.

Content Creation

Which programs and file formats can I use to create contents?

Use the software you like, as long as you follow our guidelines for supported file-formats. The Virtofy tours themselves are created either with the Virtofy In-App Editor for quick & direct solutions or with our Unity 3D plugin for complex virtual presentations.

Can you create a Virtofy tour for us?

Yes, just drop us a line, what you want and we will create a special offer for you.

How long should a Virtofy tour in VR be approximately?

One Virtofy tour in VR should not be longer than 10-15 minutes. This duration we found to work best for presenting in VR, especially with people who are not used to the technology.

Are there things which are not allowed in Virtofy?

Virtofy is not allowed to be used for contents like pornography, violence, weapons, drugs, promoting violence or hate towards an existing group, race, nation or religion.

For more information on this, please read the license agreement on the legal page.

General Questions About Virtofy

What is virtofy?

Virtofy is a Virtual Presentation System - flexible and easy to use for everybody.

Who is Virtofy for?

Agencies, Designers, Planners, Industry Clients, Educational institutions. Possibly also for you. Try our free version to find out!

Can anyone use Virtofy?

Yes. We created Virtofy as easy to use as possible to make it accessible for a wide range of users. It offers a seamless user experience, whether you are on desktop, a mobile device or in VR.

What do I need for a Virtofy account? Is it free?

The Virtofy account is free, you only need an email adress. Also the app and the Unity 3D plugin are free.

Does Virtofy work offline?

No, Virtofy only works when connected to the internet. However, when you create your Virtofy tours e.g. in Unity 3D, you can also work offline.

Who created virtofy?

Virtofy is made by eachTick GmbH which has its headquarter in the wonderful city of Cologne in Germany. The core development team knows each other for over +10 years and has a lot of experience in app, game and vr development.

How to support the developer

Why we need test data

You want to make sure your data works well with Virtofy? Then you can help us by providing test data! This allows us to provide a smooth workflow and user experience for you.

What data and further information we need

If you want to provide test data to us, please follow these guidelines:

  • 3D file formats: FBX, DAE, GLTF, IFC (provide as many formats as possible)
  • Image file formats: jpg, png
  • Please tell us the name of the 3D program you used to create the data
  • If possible, send us example pictures of how the 3D file looks in your program, so that we can compare and check if the data is displayed correctly in Virtofy

How to send the data

Please email us the required information mentioned above together with a link where we can download your test data to testdata@virtofy.com. You can provide the data via your preferred way of uploading (Google Drive, Wetransfer, Dropbox, FTP).

Questions & Feedback

Thank you for your help! Our team will get personally in touch with you regarding your data. Please email us at info@virtofy.com if you have questions regarding the upload etc.


Who can access my Virtofy tour?

Only people that you add to the sharing list of your Virtofy tour can start the tour on their own. If you want to invite other users into an active online tour, you can do that directly from within the tour. The users you invite don’t need to be on your sharing list to participate.

Can other users access my uploaded source files?

No, only you as tour owner can access your original source files. When you import them, they are converted for a secure and performant experience. Everybody who starts your tour will only see the converted data. They will never have acess to the original source files. Only if you forward the actual tour ownership to another account, they would be able to acess the source files of your tour.

How is my data protected?

Our cloud service is hosted in Germany

Plans & Payment

Which Virtofy version should I use?

If you just want to test virtofy, just get the free version. To unlock more features or to use it in a commercial way, you can get one of the commercial plans.

What is the difference between the free Virtofy version and the paid versions?

Virtofy Free is available for testing purposes and personal use. By purchasing one of our plans, you unlock additional features, e.g. extra cloud storage, the ability to present Virtofy tours to more clients etc.

Find out more in our detailed comparison of features & plans.

Do you offer special plans, e.g. for schools, universities etc?

If you are a bigger company, a university or similar and need more than 10 seats, just contact us and and tell us what your requirements are.

Can I mix several plans for one account?

No, this is not possible.

What is Heidelpay GmbH?

This is our service provider for payment, as we want to focus on things we really love to do: app development.